IGTV Ads: 6 Best Features That Brands Need To Understand

Are you a business brand? Do you look for the best platform to earn social advertising revenue? Then Instagram provides you a chance and experience from the benefits of IGTV ads. Yes! Instagram introduced IGTV ads. It popularly helped to leverage the IGTV video series. Earlier in 2018, IGTV featured on the platform, where creators have got enough methods to monetize the IGTV channels. In May 2020, Instagram reported that they would start to provide ad campaigns to choose creators for profitable results.  Build your engagement rate using free Instagram followers trial.

In this article, we’re explaining to know about the IGTV ads right now and what you can perform using this. 

Everything About IGTV Ads

After 18 months of IGTV launch, Instagram started to work on the IGTV ads for monetized functions. By providing the best income revenue from the content creators, Instagram inspired top-quality content. IGTV ads partner program for content makers expecting to perform similarly as Facebook watch. 

How Many Creators Get From IGTV Ads?

As per Justin Ososky, Instagram’s COO, Instagram decides to share 55% of IGTV ad income with their content makers. For several contexts, both Facebook watch and YouTube provide 55% of ad’s income to their makers. Meanwhile, IGTV ads maintain the other 45%; hence, it works as per the industry standard. 

Some of the standards to be worked on the IGTV ads are explained below:

  1. Follow your community standards such as don’t use a hate tone, avoid violence, and never use sexual content.
  2. Share original video content; it means not violating trademarks or copyright issues. Make use of music, videos, and images with permission.
  3. Don’t post #FakeNews; that means content driving wrong information will be flagged and forfeiture. It is possibly going to be much more strict as time goes on due to waves.
  4. Set up a well-established platform. Facebook needs content makers to have an authentic and established online presence. It means you need to be on Facebook for at least 90 days.
  5. Follow up the political and government standard rules. Facebook says that present and fixed government policies can’t monetize their videos. 

Why Start IGTV Ads?

By keeping online marketers in mind, Instagram planned to start IGTV ads. Creators are essential for Instagram; hence we continue to check at the methods of letting creators turn their passions.  It’s evident to say that Instagram also initiated ads to grab new creators and followers onto their platform. There have been some signs that they have been finding it tougher to get people to watch videos on IGTV and make videos here. 

How Do IGTV Ads Look?

On Instagram, the new feature of IGTV ads works similar to the Instagram story ads. These are midroll ads that probably play between 15 to 30 seconds. You can mostly have a chance to skip the ad after some time, which is similar to YouTube. The major difference is that IGTV ads will probably be videos. Always remember that IGTV is exclusively going to be available on the platform. It means you are going to need to ensure that your IGTV ads fit the appropriate specifications for Instagram videos. 

Some of the Instagram story specifications are mentioned below:

Recommended Size: Upload the highest-resolution video present that suits file size and ratio limits. 

Minimum Size : 500 by 889 pixels.

Aspect Ratios : 16: 9 to 4:5 and 9:16.

Suggested Specifications : .MP4 or .MOV format, the maximum length of 120 seconds, and maximum file size of 30MB.

How To Create IGTV Ads?

Initially, to make an IGTV ad, you just need to look towards the advertising methods on Instagram, not simply IGTV. To start with the set-up process, you need to have a Facebook page and make ads through the Facebook ad manager. If you ever used Facebook or YouTube’s ad manager before, the method is pretty simple. First, select a budget, next ad type, you need to run and change the ad with the video clips, pictures, captions, and headline. 

For a complete breakdown of IGTV ads, save time management on your Instagram profile using Hootsuite. From a single dashboard, you can program and post directly to Instagram, engage the audience, scale performance, and conduct all your other social media accounts. 


In this article, we have explained everything that you need to know about the IGTV ads—starting from the launch of the ads to the execution process of the ads. You can also improve the performance of the ads based on the features.  

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