How TikTok Serves As Benefiting Tool For CBD Companies

The functioning of TikTok is much similar to other social media platforms with likes, followers, comments, feeds, and hashtags. When other applications such as Twitter, prone to the limitation of characters, and Instagram, focussing on the image, TikTok is entirely about precise videos often paired with musical tracks. The incredible speed and flexibility encourages users to create content on the platform and easily buy TikTok likes

Despite the organic success, brands can also use paid tools in TikTok to maximize their reach. There are various options such as Top View campaigns, in-feed ads, and influencer campaigns. TikTok is actively growing with a hundred million users each month. The creators in the platform develop numerous tributes and remakes, gathering thundering responses among the audience. The platform witnesses the increased participation of supermarkets and FMCG brands.

Social Media Marketing is essential in building CBD business. Cannabis and hemp industries are completely restricted in social media platforms. TikTok is an unutilized marketplace for Wellness brands of CBD if they wish to work within the restrictions of the app. The app has nearly eight hundred million active users each month. TikTok is a goldmine for the eCommerce industries. People can discover their offerings with the help of hashtags and “For You” pages. 

Cannabombz is one of the CBD companies that gathered success on TikTok platform. The company focuses on promoting the benefits of CBD among the audience. The company posted regularly and consistently gathered thousands of views for each video on the platform.  

Corum, The founder of Cannonbombz, experimented with the TikTok after a prolonged sense of hesitation. She posted a video of a bather dropping a lump of fizz into his bath, followed by a simple question on TikTok asking the users if they had ever soaked eight hundred milligrams of CBD before and wondered about its impacts. The video created a sensation in TikTok, and it was viewed by nearly two million followers. Also, it was flooded with more likes along with thousands of shares and comments.

Within a day’s time, the company observed a tremendous increase in sales amounting to nearly twenty-five thousand dollars. That was approximately fifty times that of regular sales that occur in a day. The numbers grew drastically, and Corum, The founder, kept responding to the questions, comments, and interactions in the TikTok platform. Also thereby she understood the working of the TikTok algorithm.

Cannabombz is already an active participant in social media. In the beginning, the company developed a strong reputation with Instagram. The company observed significant growth of twenty-two thousand followers in four eyes. But to the amusement, the company was endowed with more than fifty thousand followers on TikTok in a short period of nine months.

There is no specified strategy or secret for a video getting viral on TikTok. The company would have no clue if it was the hashtag, time of the day, or musical clip used in the platform. But fortunately, all the factors contributed to the success of the video. Notably, it used the hashtags #foryou, #fyp, and #foryoupage along with a tending song.

The president of the company expresses that they did not find the presence of any other CBD brand on TikTok. Also, it was the same case on Instagram. Following the success of video in TikTok, it is placed on a higher priority list of the brand. Also, she expresses that she has spent much of her time and money on Instagram, and for now, she is amazed at the incredible reach over the TikTok platform. She recommends the entrepreneurs on the app to keep riding the wave to become famous. Corum expresses that her sole aim to educate the audience has brought her tremendous success. 

The Cannabis Community strives to enter through the loops of TikTok. Though it is a “regulated good”, it is restricted as per the community guidelines of TikTok. Any paraphernalia, buds, or plants posted on the platform will be quickly eliminated. Like any other social media platforms, TikTok instantly removes the overt posts of Cannabis. Some of the popular skincare TikTokers have appreciated CBD content. Some of them include @SkincareBy Hyram and @WhatIsOnVsFace. CBD is legal in most international markets, and CBD regulations and hemp regulations are quite lenient. @FiddyShadesOfGreen, a CBD educator, has gathered more than 300k followers. 

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